The CICP Legal Committee is a unit within the council responsible for providing legal support to its members and stakeholders related to the industry. It is also responsible in offering legal assistance, and organizing various legal-related thought-leadership activities for the organization

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CICP is a newly established organization of creators, influencers and marketers in the Philippines which aims to shape, inspire, educate and empower the creator and influencer industry by leading trainings, initiatives and projects for the benefit of its members and stakeholders.

With support from the industry, we plan on becoming the biggest gathering of creators, influencers and marketers.

CICP hopes to inspire, educate and empower creators and influencers with the tools and training to optimize their platforms and understand both the client and creative perspectives of the business; to ensure long-lasting careers in the digital economy. For our brand and agency members, we aim to provide the tools and information specific to creator, influencer and content marketing. Giving them access to a wide network of key opinion leaders, who can help them achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Together, we hope to build a strong network, helping each other to become best-in-class in content creation, marketing and business.

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